Passion for good interior design
Good interior design needs a solid foundation and many years of experience. With taste, style and reliability, MIRACLE ROOM has already successfully implemented hundreds of projects: from private villas and flats to commercial projects. Get to know MIRACLE ROOM and learn more about us, our standards and expertise.


Founder of MIRCALE ROOM is the experienced interior design expert Anja Gröner. She combines the best of both worlds: Real estate know-how and tasteful creativity that is translated into tangible interior design.

What distinguishes good interior design?
„Interior design has to fit the building and the space and the people who live in it. That's why it's important for us to understand the taste, personality and attitude to life of our clients and to be able to respond to personal preferences or suggestions. Good interior design is coherent in itself, radiating calm and serenity. It follows a central idea. This can be a motto, a defining material, a quoted style, a look. But good interior design must not disguise a room, it must be unobtrusive in a certain way, changeable and therefore timeless.“

Who are the typical clients for MIRCALE ROOM interior design?
„MIRACLE ROOM offers interior design for private individuals and business clients. Our interior design can be found in villas, holiday homes, country houses or sprawling estates as well as in flats, holiday flats or penthouses in the top metropolises. In the commercial sector, clients commission us with interior design for retail, hotels, restaurants or offices.“

How important is an established network in interior design?
„Very important, and that is what distinguishes MIRACLE ROOM. We work internationally and have access to suitable, experienced local partners and trades for our interior design projects. We have been able to convince ourselves of their reliability and precision in our mostly long-standing cooperation. This means that our customers can look forward to the creative quality and stylistic confidence of MIRACLE ROOM's interior design and at the same time be sure that the technical and technical execution meets the highest standards, also in terms of adherence to deadlines.“

What special projects do you like to remember?
„Interior design for villas and flats is always something special because it reflects the personal wishes of the residents in a very individual way. Here, the search for the right furniture, fabrics or accessories sometimes resembles a detective game: you might have a special object in mind, a piece of furniture or art that you have to find. Often we buy from all over the world, can source from anywhere or have custom-made products made.“

What role does sustainability play in interior design?
„Good interior design is timeless and the opposite of short-lived fashions, which are always present in interior design. Many pieces of furniture and accessories, especially when I think of impressive antiques or design classics, have a long history. They are therefore recycling in its most beautiful form. In this way, we can think in cycles in interior design and thus optimally implement sustainability. At the same time, timeless interior design makes it possible to achieve a visual refreshment or functional further development at a later date with just a few, sometimes only selective changes or small additions. With good interior design, this later redesign should be considered right from the initial planning stage.“


Anja Gröner has more than 20 years of experience in the entire value chain of residential and commercial real estate. Initially active in property management, she consistently developed into an expert in the design and staging of living concepts, floor plans and furnishings for large real estate projects of successful companies. With training from the renowned DGHR Deutsche Gesellschaft für Home Staging und Redesign e.V. (the German Society for Home Staging and Redesign), she has been certified as a Home Staging Professional since 2014.


Sampling | Showroom | Furnishing materials | Design and implementation of bathrooms | Kitchen planning | Artistic design of lobby, entrée and staircase | Furnishing of furnished flats | Show flats | Fix & flip | Assistance with value enhancement through conversion and refurbishment

Reference customers

CG Deutsche Wohnen GmbH | CG Immobilien Gruppe GmbH & Co. KG | DGI GmbH | Graumann GbR | Gröner GbR | OSA I GmbH & Co KG | Raimar Carree GmbH & Co KG | BUWOG Immobilien Management GmbH | OSA II GmbH & Co KG | Aberdeen Asset Management Deutschland GmbH | Ziegert – Bank- und Immobilienconsulting GmbH | SCI Villa Favorita | SCI Villa Tourmentin | SCI Villa Air et Mer | SCI Maison Bellevue | Jugendstil-Villa Connewitz | SCI Villa Fortune | SCI Villa Pinède | SCI Mas de Plaisance | SCI Villa Restanques Villa Sous Le Soleil | SCI Villa Calanque | SCI Villa Marguerite | SCI Villa Sagittaire | SCI Villa Bélier | SCI Villa Gai Coteau


Interior Design for Villas

Whether villa, country house or estate for private use or for renting out as a holiday property: MIRACLE ROOM's interior design in the villa sector creates the right interior in every large format and accentuates the special style of the house and its inhabitants.

Interior Design for Apartments

From penthouse to flat, from city flat to loft: with interior design by MIRACLE ROOM, we stage flats of every type and with an eye for the essentials: A coherent look for a creative and function-oriented structure of the floor plans and living areas for a very individual attitude to life.

Commercial Interior Design

Perfect commercial interior design turns spaces for retail, gastronomy or hotels into experiences. MIRACLE ROOM creates an interior design for every concept and every occasion that generates the recognition effects that are more relevant than ever for success. This is how a corporate identity can be successfully staged that inspires and retains customers.

full creativity

We offer the solution for your goal: whether art on the building, cultural project, showroom, design of retail experiences or advice on conversion, renovation or fix & flip of your real estate. We always conceive, mediate and realise to the point!


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